Sahara Thobe - By Around La Dar

  • 850.00


The Sahara Thobe 🌾 it’s a great option for brunches and gatherings; perfect for a feminine, dressy look! 

سهولة لبس الثياب مهمة، وهذي من افخم القطع الى اصدرتها Around La Dar. القماش: لنين ايطالي كليا 💯 مميزة من قماش، تصميم وفقط قطع محدودة متوفرة.


Organic Italian Linen 



Suitable for a size Large to X Large. 

14 - 18 UK

10 - 14 US


Note: This item can be adjusted to any smaller size, we will make the adjustments per request by adding your comment in the checkout notes. 



Can I find it in store?

Unfortunately, all thobes provided by our sister brand Around La Dar are exclusively sold online with limited quantities 1-3 pieces made.