Sizing Guide

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1) CHEST - Measure the full circumference of the chest 2.5cm below the underarm

2) WAIST - Measure the full circumference at the narrowest point of the waist

3) HIPS - Measure the full circumference at the widest/fullest point of the hips

Find your size easily (without measurements): Abaya sizing tends to fluctuate depending on the cut style, the easiest way to choose the right fit is to purchase the same size t-shirt (S,M,L) as the abaya. 

Concerned about Length? 

Standard Abaya sizing is equivalate to the length, for an example: If your size is Medium 54, the length of your abaya will be 54 inch.

If you pre-order an item, you have the full option to customize the abaya by adding a note in the checkout page. 

Forgot to add a note?

No problem, re-visit your order status page and add in a note Or reach out to us via Email, Instagram messages. 


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