Size Guide

Not sure about your size? We’ve got you.

You can use the size charts below to determine the right size for you or hit up our Customer Care team if you’ve got more questions.

Click here for PDF VERSION


1) CHEST - Measure the full circumference of the chest 2.5cm below the underarm

2) WAIST - Measure the full circumference at the narrowest point of the waist

3) HIPS - Measure the full circumference at the widest/fullest point of the hips

Find your size easily (without measurements): Abaya sizing tends to fluctuate depending on the cut style, the easiest way to choose the right fit is to purchase the same size t-shirt (S, M, L) as the abaya. 

Concerned about Length? 

Standard Abaya sizing is equivalated to the length, for example:

If your size is Medium 54, the length of your abaya will be 54 inch.

If you pre-order an item, you have the full option to customize the abaya by adding a note on the checkout page. 

Forgot to add a note?

No problem, re-visit your order status page and add in a note Or reach out to us via Email, or Instagram messages. 


Need help?

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