The Trend Setter - Cotton Cardigan Abaya

  • 400.00


The Trendsetter piece does ignite the stylish person in yourself. That’s what we aim for when we created this piece for you. ☀️ We don’t trade comfort for style, we give both to you!. 🙌🏻


✨ Style it with your favorite jeans and a black shirt. We also have a mint-organic cotton scarf to match it with. 😍

Now available in other colors too, check out those beautiful colors for this piece!.

Extremely breezy ✅ باردة جدا
Lightweight ✅ خفيفة
All organic materials ✅ no polyester ❌ قماش طبيعي
Hidden pockets ✅ جيوب مخفية
Foldable sleeves ✅ الكم يقصر بالازرار


Satin Cotton

🌿 The material is the best of both worlds which is satin and cotton. It feels like a dream when you touch it and it’s 100% organic too!. 


Would be suitable for: Small (52) - Medium (54) - large (56) 


If the sizes above don’t suit you, please reach out to us on WhatsApp +966 562130024    Or Instagram (DM) or email us at and we will gladly customize a new one to your fit. 

What does Pre-Order mean?

Pre order means: we don’t have the piece in stock. We will make a new piece just for you. You may choose your size (S,M,L) or add specific measurements in your checkout notes.


Need help figuring out your size?

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Does it come with a scarf?

All scarfs are sold aside, the customer has the option to add a scarf to their order from our available scarfs collection.