The Blue Muse - Comfy For Summer

  • 750.00


Introducing The Blue Muse Abaya, a remarkable piece of artistry designed and printed exclusively by our team. You won't find this exquisite design anywhere else, making it a truly exclusive piece that reflects your individuality. Embrace your inner muse and make a lasting impression.


TUP custom print on mixed fabric (cotton/crepe)


Sizes offered in:

  • X-Small (50)
  • Small (52)
  • Medium (54)
  • Large (56)


Model height: 5’4 

Length: by measurement 52 inch


Need help figuring out your size?

Use these guides to help determine your size. Please note that sizing will vary between designs, this is a general guide. If you have any questions about a specific item or general sizing questions, please contact Customer Service.

Does it come with a scarf?

No, it does not. You can choose freely which scarf can be paired with your abaya according to your personality and mood. Complement your look with a scarf from our scarfs collection. 


We have a wide selection of materials and colors, you can choose the material you feel the most comfortable with and the colors that flatter your skin tone! Also, you can never have too many scarves.