The Harper Abaya - Fully Embroidered

  • 750.00
  • 900.00


Fall in love with the best abayas this season! The Harper Abaya 🪡🤍 is a chic dark piece suitable for occasions and fancy settings. It features fully embroidered sides in mixed linen fabric (10% cotton) which gives you a nice fine touch with no wrinkles 🌿

عباية هاربر 🇮🇹 حبينا نقدم لكم عبايات غامقة انيقة في اللبس، تُعتبر الأزياء ذات الطبعات الناعمة من أكثر الصيحات رواجًا لهذا الموسم. قماش العبايه لنين ناعم مخلوط ب١٠٪؜ قطن، للتخلص من الكرمشه/تجعد القماش + مطرزة العباية بالجنب الكامل


Italian Linen (dark navy) with full side embroidery 


Sizes: Small (52) - Medium (54) - Large (56) - XLarge (58)


Currently only available In medium 54 

Any other size would take us a 2-4 few days to tailor for your request. 

Model is wearing: medium 54 

Model height: 163cm 

Length: length is equivalent to the size; an example, size 54 would mean it’s 54 inch from shoulder to bottom. 



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Does it come with a scarf?

All scarfs are sold aside, the customer has the option to add a scarf to their order from our available scarfs collection.