What does the color you choose say about you?

It is not difficult to spot a trendsetter as they will often be wearing bright colors such as vibrant orange, yellow, and red. If you want to be seen by others as a friendly and outgoing person with a positive attitude wearing bright colors will be a great way of saying to others that you are happy to make a fashion statement.


Black: Strength, power, sophistication, elegance, discipline, mystery, and authority.

Blue: Independent, smart, authority, structure, communication, dependability, trust, and loyalty.

Brown: Stable, smart, love, affection, serenity and dependable

Red: Exudes power, energy, excitement, sensuality, aggression, passion, and boldness.

Orange: Positive, energizing, creativity, confidence, joy, sensuality, and ambition. 

Pink: Feminine, lovable, affection, and serenity.

Purple: Wisdom, trust, rich inner life, intuitive, artistic, creative, and have great instincts about people.

Yellow: Logical, happiness, freedom, cheerful, optimism, and mental concentration. 

Green: Generosity, security, abundance, love, growth, luck, balance healing, and a rejuvenated state of mind.

White: Balance, cleanliness, safety, completion, strength, neutrality. harmony, purity, and courage.